About Utility Insite

When trying to identify cost-savings opportunities, many facility managers and building operators face the same challenge: they lack the records to accurately pin-point where and when energy is being consumed.

This is mainly because there is generally a lack of low cost technology to capture, understand and utilize energy and water consumption data. Currently, many facility managers rely solely on whole-building monthly views in the form of a utility bill. These utility bills leave a large information gap as they arrive long after the usage occurs and they aggregate an entire month into one bill with no visibility into where and when the energy usage occurred. Utility InSite solves this problem through its combined submetering technology and software solution. With Utility InSite, facility managers and building owners can identify and better understand the correlations between building operations and utility use, allowing for energy and water optimization.


Utility InSite also provides review, tracking and analysis of utility bills to identify trends, ensure payments are made on time, ensure accuracy of bills, and centralize utility data across facilities and locations.

bill management
real-time data
goal tracking
utility usage management
online platform
actionable insights
easy installation

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